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Friday, March 02, 2012


Although the way they presented to me was a little awkward, because I couldn't react much as I was in a meeting.
However, when I'm home and took those pieces of papers inside to read one by one, undeniable I was very touched mainly due to three reasons:
1) They remember my birthday and pre-made something simple yet sweet for me during this hectic period!
2) I see a lot of appreciations of our friendships.
3) I'm glad that I actually have something that some of them could learn from me (despite they made me sound too perfect).

I am so glad that it isn't something superficial, it is something that I can feel it by heart.
Thank you girls for all the wishes, and how it reminded me of how I used to be and how meaningful our friendships are.

I ain't perfect, or as all-rounded  as you all think.
Thanks for making me having a moment of angelic feeling, but I just wanna let you girls know:
Everyone has their setbacks in life and imperfections.
Quote one of the favourite line I have came across:
'Life is 10% of what happened to you, and 90% of how you respond to it.'

I sincerely wish you girls have a contented life ahead, and enjoy every moment of your life regardless of happy or sad.
Laugh till you feel your cheeks pain when you're happy, and cry like you never cry before when you're unhappy.
Sometimes life is not just about the positives, but the indulgence of all aspects of life.

Thank you for the birthday card, girls! 


YayA said...

Actually I came to your blog quite often time, to see if there's any updates, but I seldom comment. Any words I want to say I will say it by face, I prefer to see people's expressions! (=
But this post made me feel like to write something! Haha!
Glad that you can still feel our sincerity in making the card, though it is really a very simple artwork! (= We actually spent more time in writing those words than making the card.
Anyway, my original plan is to divide it into four parts, but the topics are different from the one you saw. I wanted to make one of them: "the room of improvement for Voon/sincere words from me, about things that you still can improve"! :P (something like 你的缺点)But they said people's birthday, he/she wouldn't want to see bad words about him/her. So yea, :P
I am not planning to bad mouth you anyway, don't misunderstand my meaning, but just think that people are imperfect, sometimes we just need true friends to remind so that we can improve into better self.
True friends are actually should behave in that way, isn't it? (=
Btw, looking forward to Tuesday's gathering! I guess it will be a good time for us to remind each other and to deepen our bond of friendship! Happy birthday again Voon!!!<3

SVoon said...

Aha, my mom asked me why they wrote for you like so good as well, she guessed is because when birthday then you all wanna make me fly. And so she assumed those are not 100% true, just to make me happy.
She asks if it is a tradition to write people till so good on birthday! =P

Well, she was right partly where you all din mention bout those bad things. And I wished to know that of course! I like to know what could I improve. So tell me tomorrow! =D

Sheryl Yen said...

I'm a person that would directly tell u (or within short period of time) if I am unhappy with something. In contrast, I am too shy to admit my positive feelings face2face..That's I can only be sentimental tru the words. I didn't agree to point out the weakness coz i alrd expect we make it clear in normal days <3

SVoon said...

Ooohh, seem like all prefer to tell on face!
Haha. I don't mind, but I'm not sure if I would go defensive. I will surely take all comments seriously thou, I like improvements.
But many times, will ignore and thus the good things fade too.
Anyway, thanks girls! <3