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Friday, August 26, 2011

I'm back!

It has been a month since I last update my blog!
Yea, I was really busy.
Here I come with my (long) summary again.

Famine fever is still burning after the event. We headed to Malacca in 4 cars to eat, eat, and eat! A big bunch of people with a few DSLRs walking around having fun. There was a gathering organized by the campers to farewell with one of our our emcees, Kenzo, who is leaving to China for his study soon. I missed that!
Not going to miss the celebration dinner at Daidomon on the first week of September! =)

Went Qingdao to visit brother as well as for family trip. Stayed in Guangzhou for a few days too. Not really used to the Mandarin there, having a hard time talking to the taxi drivers especially.
Oh ya, crossing roads there is terrifying! The roads are really big and wide, and you are not going to get to the opposite side safely by only following the traffic lights! Mommy and I were always very nervous when we need to cross the roads. Haha.
Well, other than that, Qingdao has good weather, good air quality, blue sky which can even be seen at night, and lighter taste of beer.
Anyhow I still cannot accept the taste of beer despite TsingTao Beer is well known for it's purer taste.
Another thing in Qingdao which made me feel healthy there is that they have no night life. All the shops mainly closed at around 9pm, latest by 10.30pm for those in malls. So we had our dinner earlier, went home earlier, and sleep earlier too when nothing to do.
Yet the routines get back to normal once I'm back to Malaysia...

Guangzhou is different from Qingdao. It is more like another KL to us. Nightlife there can be traced along the streets with bars and clubs. Traffic there resembles KL's as well, but KL could be worse. Food is not as tasty as Malaysia's, for we prefer heavier taste maybe.
The impressive thing in Guangzhou is their night view. There are colourful lights brighten up the night, on the buildings, ships, riverside, and even trees. That's when I was frustrated with my my phone camera because it cannot capture the best night view. Haha.
Overall the trip to China was not bad, just that I feel a little of culture shock, and really tired of walking. Yea, China people walk a lot, and their roads are big.
Poor legs, I think I get slimmer. Teehee!

For the first time I think I am stupid to bring extra clothes to trip. I brought 13 sets of clothes for a 10-day trip. So the second day we are back, me and mommy washed the clothes together using 3 big basins. Killing! Luckily the sun is hot these days to dry all the clothes.
Start giving out the souvenirs to friends. Hope they like it although there is nothing special. Haha.

Back to college for a meeting with the new Janda Baik committee 2 days ago, glad to see that they are motivated and capable too.
All the best to them!
Went to Xiutao's house with Xing and JiunnHeng after the meeting, and we had a small BBQ gathering with the others as well.
First attempt to Pictionary, I shall say it is super duper fun! I failed arts, especially using left hand. Haha. A lot of jokes stemmed from the drawings and guessing, some are really epic. We had great laugh till we forgot we were supposed to play tanglung that night.
So after the guys left for they have class the other morning, we stayed back for the candles and tanglung. =)

Watched a few movies at home, looking for more to watch now.
Need to clean my room before class started, but I guess I will procrastinate and drag it to the very last minute.
Need to consider what subjects to be taken in the new semester as well, giving me headache, like when I chose my thesis preferences 2 weeks ago.
Going into Year 3, my final year in my degree, is exciting yet a lot more nervous. Good luck to me!

Gonna end this post with a birthday dedication.
Happy 21st Birthday Di!
Heard that your friends had thrown you a great surprise, faster upload photos let us know how huge is your present box! Enjoy your life and don't stress out too much! =)

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