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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Summary of July.

July is coming to the end.

Tracking back my blog, all my posts this month had never talk about my life, my routines.
Only flooded with feelings and thoughts, positive and negative ones.
So, I decided to have a summary for what I have done so far in my July, a busy hectic month with both laughter and tears.

The first week of July was my study break for my short semester's final exams. Yet I spent it more like my semester break.
Went out almost every other day with my Serdang jimuis. Yumcha, movie, chit-chat, and of course, trip.
We went Malacca on the first Sunday of July, decided to on quite last minute, but it was a great trip. If there were more of us, I am sure it will revive our memories like the annual trip we used to have.
We were teenagers and now we are adults, yet we tend to enjoy life in a way that we're still kids. People might see us silly, we see it as fun, the fun we lost eventually when growing up. Perhaps that's not too bad, we can play like kids at times, and study or work hard like adults as expected. =)

On Han-Ming's birthday eve, we asked him out for a drink. He recommended us KEG, a bistro in Bandar Puteri Puchong. Me, Hei, Mei, and Xing were redeeming our online coupons at Vintage Bar before that, but the food was rather disappointing despite good feedback from friends. We then met YeeThong, bought a cake, and headed to the bistro. Jeng and ChengFei joined us too. We played game, had some finger food, drink, and never missed out our photos taking session. Around 12am, the waitress brought out the cake and we sang Ming birthday song. As usual, birthday boy was requested to bite the deep rooted candles out from the creamy cake. Hehe.
Without noticing, Ming had already settled the bill for the night. We had a great night, hopefully he did too.
You're 21 as us already Ming, be wiser and nevertheless enjoy life! =)

I had my finals on the second week of July, gonna admit that I really felt defeated this time. One of the papers was tougher than expected, gave no chance of even guessing the logic answers. Praying hard the results won't be that bad, I don't like it to ruin my CGPA. Sigh.

After finals end, my happening life resumed. Haha. Went out a lot, spent a lot, but honestly, the people I meeting with are only that few. My mommy had no idea why we won't get bored seeing each other so frequent. So does my boyfriend I guess. Haha. In fact, we also talked about this among ourselves, we were doubting are we not meeting anymore the next 10 years. So we are meeting each other every other day like we will never meet again? Haha.
Well, I have started to reduce it. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to work, as I have many other friends, like my 30-hour Famine team. Hehe.

Oh, I had dinner with Qi and Bei finally! Had a long chat, with surprises here and there. Scheduled a time to Skype along with Ai, and we updated her as well. It has been so long since four of us had chat together, kinda miss those staying overnight times.
Compared to other old friends, I will think being with three of them has undergone least changes. We were always talking about life and future and personal thoughts, and still now we do. We were not kids since we knew each other, I feel.
Anyway, I am looking forward to meet Ai this December. Of course, will meet Qi more often too before she fly again. =)

This Monday, I went Kalamazoo Cafe at Aman Suria to redeem another online deal I bought with friends while rushing assignments. Hehe. Six of us had a really satisfying lunch, with appetizer, side dishes, main course, drinks and dessert. The most worthy deal I had bought so far. The food was not the most delicious but still I think it's acceptable. We were talking about our holidays, and our thesis choices. Seem like everyone is headache now to pick their preferences. Good luck everyone, I need some time to make my choices too. =)

Wait, I made my July sounds so unproductive. Play and eat.
Actually I am going back college almost half of each week now to prepare for 30-hour Famine stuffs. We already had our mock training day and volunteers training day the previous Saturdays. Kinda tiring but definitely fun! Will need to strive for the best for the real event day!
Going back tomorrow again, all the best my teammates! =)

What's with August?
30-hour Famine and some post-event celebrations and trip.
Visiting China middle of the month, the place my brother is working now.
Finalized choices for my thesis preferences, really a big deal, need considerable time to decide.
And prepare to start my Year 3 in this September.
Oh, time flies. I am old!

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