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Saturday, May 07, 2011

Oh Holidays!

Half gone my semester break!

One week left then I'm going to start my last semester of Year 2, short semester.
Will be hectic, hopefully will be fun as well. Haha.

Too many updates and too many photos, but I'm lazy.
So I decided just to do a summary for each outing, photos please refer to my Facebook, thank you! =)


It's Ho Mimi's 21st birthday! It fall on the day I handed in my last assignment of the semester, so I could make time to go for her surprise party at her house. Again, was planned by her loving boyfriend. It was the second surprise thingy I had attend so far that Yu Szen planned for Meimei, he seriously did a good job. =)

So her CHS friends, Saujana friends and Monash friends had been invited and waited her for an hour at her house while she was having dinner with Yu Szen and some other friends. We blew balloons and get ready for her to be back. Finally she's back and really surprised by us. Haha. She hugged and thanked everyone of us, then ushered us to eat! We were all hungry but no one dare to start first. Funny. Haha. After meal was the cake session, and her sister prepared special ordered cupcakes with all the doctor's equipment and tools as decorations, really cute! We didn't feel like eating such cute cupcakes but we still did. Haha. After some photos taken then we headed back home. Oh, we bought her chocolate and hairband, she seemed to like it, that's good. Hehe.

Happy 21st birthday to you Dr. Ho! =)


Here's where I gonna look up to Yu Szen, I'm not a good surprise planner. Haha! So after Hei had gave me a surprise birthday dinner, I planned to give her one in return. However, I was busy with assignments and everyone else seem to be busy too. It was really not easy to contact each and everyone, finding the best date and time and place, without letting her know a single thing. Haha. After a lot of cancellation and modification, finally I just decided to let her know she will be having a dinner with friends, but not telling her who will be coming. It's lame I know, because she can guess well. Haha.

The dinner was at Frontera, a Mexican restaurant in Jaya One. The ambiance was not bad but it's kinda hot inside. The food was in big portion, mainly with baked cheese and meat so we were all full. The starter was neglected thus we packed it home. Haha. The magician, Andrew, came to our table to perform some magic show and gave Hei the bent fork as her present. Haha. We took quite long to settle the bill, before headed to Piccadilly for drinks.

I was first been to Piccadilly and surprised by the cheaper than expected price of food and drinks there. Haha. They had a tower of Carlsberg and I had my honey lemon. Just couldn't stand the bitter taste of beer, gave up after one sip. Haha. There we share jokes and ghost stories, absolutely great time. We were laughing till face cramp and the next moment we were freaked out by the ghost stories. Haha. The night ended around 12am. I think Hei was enjoyed so I'm glad.

Happy Birthday beloved Hitamku! =)


Time to redeem our coupons for ChillOut deal! I booked a table of four for dinner and we met at the restaurant around 7.30pm. It's a bistro at the corner of Subang Parade, nice ambiance but the food and beverages, especially alcoholic drinks are pricy. Our deals included a mushroom soup, an iced lemon tea and a main course each. The soup was delicious! Hehe. We had our great time there thanks to the two jokers Ming and Bie. Haha. Then we shift to ChaTime, a new opening bubble tea shop at SS15, to continue our laughing time. Never know the two guys can create so many funny topics. Really unexpected. Haha. One word for that night will be LAUGH. Had a great night! =)

Oh, I went OUG pasar malam with Hei and Mei, that was a good night too! Too bad Qiqi dated me the same night so I couldn't meet her this time she came back. Sorry! Yet I received a call from her before she flew back to UK again, and I'm truly surprised, you know why. Hehe.
Take care and enjoy ya Qiqi! *wink*

Visited Malacca again but this time is different, because we never visit all those historical places but only EAT. Yes, we eat throughout the trip, all the delicious food recommended by our Malacca friend! =)
The moment jumping at Klebang beach was awesome! I don't know I can be so hyperactive as they described, even mommy said I'm a good jumper when looked at my photos. Haha. I was really enjoyed, so that's it. Hehe.
Tiring but satisfying one day trip! =)

Sepang Goldcoast trip was cancelled because we're too tired. Yet we still went Sunway Pyramid to shop and watch movie. Thor is not bad, I feel it's similar to Tron in some ways. Haha. Had our dinner before home. =)

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