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Saturday, May 14, 2011

About to end/start.

Ahhhhhh, it's really going to end!

Gonna welcome my hectic short semester very soon.
Enrolled for the two core subjects, and one out-of-no-choice elective.
Still considering whether to take a subject that I have no interest in or to postpone it to my extended semester. Dilemma!
Timetable of this semester? Not a good one.
Lecturers of this semester? I heard they are potential hypnotists.
Anyway, I still wish my last semester of year two goes well.
For sure will be busy, hope it's fulfilling! =)

Janda Baik trip is just around the corner but we still have a lot of things to settle! Our president is having panic attack soon she said. Haha. We must get things done by Thursday. Argh, time constraint!
Dear facilitators, I sincerely wish you all are preparing well for the trip, so the committee can have less worries. Haha. I will enjoy and do my best for the trip this time! =)

Last Sunday was Mothers' Day, but we didn't have any celebration or dinner for mommy. I wanted to treat mommy dinner when we were dining at Fullhouse but she rejected. She said when I run out of money to spend she gonna give me, so after all is her money. Sigh, I have been spending mommy's money since stop giving tuition. Kinda guilty. Didn't get her any present for Mothers' Day yet she gave me one, a pricey one.
I only can say, thank you mommy!
You are really pampering me till I feel guilty sometimes.
I love you and will you forever! =)

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