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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

To You.

I'm glad that finally I can be that frank to you, telling you what's in my heart and mind all these while, even though it's with tears and fear of what might be your reactions to my confession.

Believe me, all the tears I shed are not to give an end but a relief. It's a sign for adjustments and improvements to make a stronger relationship. A better understanding of each other, or maybe of me.

Remember you told me that there's no perfect match?
People need to work things out to make perfect.
Remember I told you, if my hands are loosing, don't let go because I am not stop loving but need reassurance?
Hold me tight.

I didn't get to hear your part of stories after I had spilled it all out.
I wish I could, so just tell me what is in your heart too.
Maybe I have cut down your confidence, or perhaps I have brought you down. Maybe I have made you doubt, or that you are giving up.
Any of the maybe's, I just want to apologize,
for not making things better.

Whether are we made for each other or not, I just want to say thank you. You might not believe this as usual, yet I really think you're a good boyfriend.
You might deny this as well but with doubts, I really think I have not been a good girlfriend.

It was me who always doubt whether I can make it through all the waiting. I guess you doubt it more now.
I do not know what can I do to assure you that I am willing to wait, and what I can do now is only to wait.
And be a better girlfriend.

Perhaps I don't need anyone to make me realize now that,
I am so afraid to lose you.

No matter how the roles change or mindset transition takes place, it strengthen the love, of mine.
I mean it everytime I say it that, I love you.
Sorry and thank you dear!

-Happy 1st Anniversary @ Kuantan-

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