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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Time to update!

Had a busy week. Rushing assignments till early morning, trying to make something special for birthday present, outings, sending brother off to China again, and finally a getaway to Kuantan! =)

Assignments and presentations made me deprived from long hours sleep for few days. Firstly because I did it last minute, secondly I have devoted much time on outings.
No regrets, as all the outings worth my time but will not attempt last minute works again.
Seriously, lack of sleep is torturing for me. Haha. Assignments are temporary done, yet midterms are coming up next.
Best of luck to me again! Haha.

Brother flew to China again, continues his work there. Seeing him carrying his hand luggage and disappeared from sight into the departure again, the sadness was not that strong as the first time, yet still feeling weird inside somehow.
Xing was in airport too waiting for her delayed flight, so at least I was able to meet her once again before she went Russia. She was flying with a few friends and this was her third time leaving, so I guess it was not that heavy feeling for her.
For a moment I started to dislike airport, I used to love this place. However, airport primed me with sadness and separations now. In one week time, I guess I am gonna face another separation, with tears.
I miss you!

Thursday was Hon's birthday, his 21st birthday. Thanks Louis for helping to plan the dinner and thus there were many friends celebrating with Hon. Made some little cards overnight for him and hope he likes it. Hehe. Had a full meal at Bubba Gump in Curve, then the guys headed for drinking session afterward. Hope my dear had a great 21st birthday! =)

Kuantan trip was special and memorable, just because of you. ♥

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