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Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Mid of November

Received invitation for a makan-makan party at tuition centre next Thursday night, still wondering wanna go or not. Hmmmmm...

Bestari Ria's Ms. Wang phoned me this afternoon! She said she misses me because I have not been there since I last worked there. About 2 and a half year already I guess. She invited me to the annual tadika concert on this Saturday, but I will be at Janda Baik site that time for 3 days 2 nights. Aikz! I gonna miss the cutie kids' performances again! Will find a time to visit them. I guess I will see a lot of new cute and innocent faces because those I knew by now should have moved on to primary school already. Gotta play with kids again! =)

Eat eat eat, that's my habit and also worries these few days. Incongruency! I have the strong urge to eat, to binge myself with food yet I don't want to get fat! How does that gonna work? Stressful!
I am having this unhealthy thought, which is skipping meals after I eat too much for the previous ones.
Gosh, sound like I am having some kind of eating disorder? Will turn good after all assignments had been hand in, no worries! HAHA!

Oh, just a brief update for last Saturday. Eager to go out no matter where, trapped by assignments for days is just too awful! Hence, around 12pm, after fetching Hei and Mei, we went Putrajaya aimlessly. Haha. I brought them to Botanic Garden which I had no clue what is that place. It's just another park, and I don't see any extra or special flowers and trees there. Disappointed. Found nothing to visit there, thus changed plan to Kuchai Taipei Walker to have lunch. We ate a lot there, which kept me full till we went for seafood in the evening. We shopped around the boutiques there after lunch. Rushed back home at 4pm, bathed, then Bie fetched us to Klang at 5.15pm. We reached upon 6pm, the first to be served at that restaurant. Haha. 4 of us ordered 5 dishes. We still managed to finish all leaving clean plates. The seafood there is really delicious with kinda lower price we could get in Serdang. Nice! =)

Took a walk in Klang Aeon Jusco before we headed to i-city. We lost in the Shah Alam city, wandering and tried to search the way back to highway. It was drizzling. We saw a big and gorgeous mosque halfway, so just stopped by the road and snapped a few photos in the rain. Hehe. After half an hour, we finally found our way to i-city. It was freaking jam at the junction to the place, as well as the entrance of i-city. Since it's raining, we decided not to go in. Again, we stopped by roadside, get down from car and took a few photos there. It was super windy and cold! So we headed home after that. There goes my day. =)

I am so desperate for Kak to come back!
I am looking forward to December too, because you will be back!
I miss you!


kak said...

Man I'm missing out a lot!!

SVoon said...

No no, you cannot eat seafood also!
Think that way u will feel better... XD

kak said...

will call u guys for teh ;)