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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Sometimes contradictions exist.

You wish you are smart and observant, so you won't get lied to.
You wish you are dumb and insensitive too, when you found out lies; so you won't get hurt.

Pretending naive but you're not.
Acting nevermind but you care a lot inside.

Trapping yourself in the mist of doubts and thoughts, just to find reasons and explanations for the lies; to minimize possible hurt.

Worth it?
You ask yourself.

** Uncover lie remains scar, keeping it underneath remains pain.


Hon said...

Emo Kid...

SVoon said...

Let me emo awhile! XD

kak said...

look for the balance between all the contradictions ;)

SVoon said...

I always looking for it in everything, but seems not easy...
Anyway, still surviving well!
Thanks Kak! =)