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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Happy (belated) Mid-Autumn Festival!

Both PSY 201 and 205's ERB forms and proposal had been submitted, PSY209 journals handed in. Today I would like to give myself a break, will only start work again tomorrow. A lot of reading and assignments to do, moreover mid-terms are just two weeks after.
Gosh, I hope I won't feel the stress again like the week which had just over. I had nightmares for few nights last week, both bizarre and reality types also frightening enough. Cried in the middle of night, woke up from dreams, and cried till fall asleep again. Feeling dizzy once after awhile, like some of my friends too.
We all had a hectic week, and we know we haven't get over it yet. Anyhow, this is only Year 2 first semester, so I tell myself I must cope well with it, so I know I can do better in the following semesters.
Jiayou together people! =)

I'm so so sorry Ai that I forgot you're leaving that day!
Was doing assignments and I just forgot. Sorryyyyyyy!
Luckily you text me, thanked to the delay of your flight. Hope you're doing well again over there! Will try to catch you online, k?
Take good care of yourself!
I will miss you Ai! =')

It was Mid-Autumn Festival yesterday, and as similar with Chinese New Year - lack of 'feel'. Cannot see much candles and tanglong at my neighbourhood anymore. My family just celebrated it through dinner, BBQ steamboat buffet. It's just like another normal family gathering, worse because many of them absent. Haha.
So I feel so so lucky that I played candles and tanglong last week with my beloved friends! At least I had fun and celebrated Mid-Autumn in a traditional way. Hehe.
Happy Mid-Autumn Festival to everyone, especially to those overseas! =)

** Time and distance did not show much effects yet the opposite, surprised me, because I feel greater love and loved. =)
** To tell or not to tell, when and how?

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