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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

So holidays came to an end...

Last night, Meimei's thoughtful boyfriend planned a surprise dinner for her, in conjunction with their 10th month celebration. He knew that Mei seldom get to meet up with her friends so he invited us to the dinner. HuiQi, Kelly, JettKyii, JiaMing, Michelle, Daniel and me attended the dinner at W.I.P. at Bangsar Shopping Complex.
Let the pictures do the talking. =)

Later WaiYee joined us, so we switched to DOME for a drink, and a everyone's birthdays session. Hehe. I was not really know what they were onto, so just joined for fun. It ended up a really funny session as usual. Haha. Laughter is always with us! =)

So the night ended before we manage to countdown for Merdeka Day, we forgot to bring little flags. Oops. In fact we were tired and some had their curfew, so we're back before 12am.
It was a special night for me. Special as in I had a kind of indescribable feeling inside, towards friendships and intimacy.
Unable to tell in words. A lot on mind.
Anyway, I still enjoyed the night, thanks Meimei and her boyfriend! =)

Happy Birthday Malaysia today!
Happy Beginning of my Year 2 tomorrow!

** Some appreciate the space while some having too much of it.
** I should learn to be more friendly and social-able, and smile!
** It's a good reflection, am I doing the same thing as well?


Hon said...

haha some have too much^^

SVoon said...

Yeap, and u know who I refer to! XD

Hon said...

hahaha...damn funny le when see it^^