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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

called me last week, I thought she had too much unused credit again. In fact, she called to ask me about my back. Yea, the fishball thingy that had been removed. Haha. Everytime I hear JieHui's special ringtone I will be very happy, although what we usually did was only updates and a little crapping. Hehe. I miss this old friend of mine!

Anyway, still thanks for your concern ya Kak!
I'm very good now, it's recovering well. So don't worry about me everyone! =)

It is kind of depressing when you find out you lose some abilities that you were used to get compliments for, or at least, helpful ability of yours.
Yea, since when I turned from a good listener to listener to speaker?
I need to learn to listen again, and stop being judgmental. Oh, I miss the days people used to find me when they were down. I remember they said my words were good comfort and I always gave wise advices.
Now what, I feel helpless when people is down. I do not attend to their feelings first anymore, instead I try to tackle the problems and search solutions for them. Yet I always failed, and feel like a failure for not getting them a way out.

Am I not wise anymore?
Or I'm just not that sensitive to others' feelings now?

You asked me why?
I answered you I don't know why, I just don't feel like it yet.
Is the practical reason true?
I doubted it myself.
Wonder when will I get you out of the box and let you be with me.

Year 2 year 2!
What is this kind of feeling?
Motivated yet worried, excited yet lazy.
Oh I'm now a Year 2 student, older and wiser? =)


kak said...


还有,你一直是个很好的聆听者,可是再好,也需要take a break!

SVoon said...

You're welcome!
We now know de best medicine for people living far from home is friends and family! =)

Hmm, when even listen also I cannot do it well, I feel I got nothing much good adi...
Anyway, will still continue to be a good listener, try my best! =)

*~sn0zgal~* said...

i also think that im no longer a good listener.. T.T
last time used to listen to other's prob..
and now? seems lyk useless ad.. T_T
duno how to comfort ppl..
o even duno wat to say.. =/
same same?
but u're always better~^^

all de best yea!!
take care~
xoxo~ ; )

SVoon said...

Hey YuLing!
Hmm, perhaps now grown up adi then de prob we're facing aren't that simple, so we're not always able to help others adi...
Anyway, be a good listener do help!
So just do ur best u think u can for people around u ba!
Jiayou! =)