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Sunday, March 07, 2010

Okie, I'm 20!

Finally my first birthday started with number '2' came!

So reluctant to accept the fact that I'm 20 but still have to...
20 isn't that old in fact, but I feel old somehow! Haha... Still dreaming I can always be in my wonderful teenage, never grow up to be an adult...
Anyway, I'm still now officially - 20! =)
Hope it will be a great one!

Not really celebrating this year, because I was rushing my last minute assignment whole day on my birthday... Yet still very glad to receive wishes from friends, especially phone calls from good good friends! Feel so warm and sweet! Appreciate it all! =)
Get presents from Serdang Gang and also my college mates, thanks alot ya! And thanks brother for the Tiramisu Mousse Cake! =)
My Facebook page was flooded with wishes, from knowns and unknowns, which made me spent 45 minutes to reply them all... Haha... Brother said I could just post 'Thanks everyone' in my status but I still think that it's more sincere to reply one by one... =)
Oh ya, for those belated wishes, I appreciate it as well, no need feel guilty please! XD

Wonder it before: What should be changing when stepped into my 20?
Suddenly I feel I just care too much on the number... I still doing what I used to do in my 19, 18 or even 17... Suppose the changes come from life, experiences and memories, but not the number...
So people, I'm still young after all! =)))))

** Special Birthday 'Cake' **

** Still need to make wishes as usual ** XD

** Thanks for giving me a good laugh my jimuis! **

** Happy 20th Birthday to me **

** Full of wishes **

** From College Mates **

** Pressiess **

** Your voice made me miss you so so much!

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