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Sunday, January 03, 2010

Tanjung Sepat One Day Trip

17 people, mixing of different network of friends, composed good memories for our trip! =)

The leading car missed the turning and we tried two exits at the roundabout, stopped by Petronas for a rest... Many of us already hungry because we did not have our breakfast... Initially supposed we could reach in one hour, but we took almost 1 hour and 45 minutes... Still it worth because the Bak Kut Teh is really really nice! =)

Pakat-ed to wear Asadi slippers, our favourite! Haha...

Visited Coffee factory, Keropok factory and LingZhi factory, bought some products and took photos at the bridge outside the factory... Then we rest at the temple beside LingZhi factory before the following schedule was planned... Haha...

Took some photos leaving a space in between for our missing Xing!
How much we hope she could be with us! ='(

See you this June ya!

We managed to take a group photo! Somehow love it very much! =)
Nice to meet all our new friends, and glad to be with our old friends!

Stopped by the famous shop to buy Paos, before we headed to Sepang Goldcoast... It started to rain but we still insisted to go... Fortunately the rain did not last long, and not heavy one...
Had my greatest fun on beach! =)

Don't scold me emo, but I seriously feel like crying when seeing this photo, so touched that our friendship comes to its 13th year!
Love you girls and thank you so much! =)

Had seafood for our dinner, super duper delicious one! =)
The restaurant is by seaside, so we could enjoy the sea breeze before and after the meal... No amazing sunset that day yet I still love the sky and sea so so much!
Closed my eyes, feel the breeze and listened to the waves; I just love that moment! Stress-free, worries-free, conflict-free...

It's only a bit weird because we only talked to each others when we're going to leave... Throughout the whole trip we played according to own cliques... However, I love the ending part...
It makes the trip a wonderful full stop...

Last thing to mention, this is the first trip I went where there're more guys than girls, ratio 12:5, how amazing! Haha...

Looking forward to the coming Langkawi trip, hope we will have fun too my buddies! =)

** I have so much more to learn, on my way! =)

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yen said...

wah~真的是“眼福"不浅哦~~有没有物色到一两个值得考虑的? 哈哈哈哈哈哈~