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Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Life seems to be getting more busy and hectic since the mid-term week... Recalling what I have done for past two weeks, I can only remember most of the time I was in college, or in front of the computer, worst will be wasting time waiting for KTM and buses...

Time suddenly becomes precious for me! (it always be, just I didn't realize)
Always running out of time, but yet, I could not see any increase on productivity in me...

So basically I was wasting my time?
Where had my time gone then?

Anyway, the most severe impact of losing time is definitely napless!
For people who knows me well, Bowl has not taken any nap for 1 week!
Torturing! =(
Napless doesn't lead me to sleep earlier at night, in fact, I slept later than usual! That's seriously a big deal in my life!
Lack of sleep. It brings up many problems!
Panda eyes (already no cure), bad mood, grumpy, cannot concentrate, fall asleep on bus (dangerous!), and last but not least, EAT MORE!
People, don't get shocked next time if you see me getting fatter, it's just a matter of stress... Sigh!

Sleep lesser on the other hand makes me feel that my life is more occupied somehow... Probably more things could be done just without me noticing it...
Sometimes the feel of tiredness induces satisfaction too!
Especially when an assignment is done, temporary relief, and greatly satisfied although have no faith in getting good marks...
, that's the key...
I like to see the tasks on my to-do-list being canceled one by one!
It indicates burdens get lessen down! =)

After 2 months adapting to the life in degree, I could finally say that I'm happy with it... Started to get on track what I supposed to do for classes and assignments, and of course, get the clique of friends! =)
Feeling that some bonding actually happens, yet need to be strengthened in time...
Still there are many aspects I clearly know that I have to improve in, and I will try my best!
I do not know where this motivation suddenly came from, but I do hope it lasts! Go go go, let's run! =)

The craving to exercise and sweat has never reduce since last two weeks! Still want to reach out to some nature surroundings to breathe fresh air, to sweat, and in addition, to shout! Scream to release all the unwanted feelings inside, to ease the stress perhaps...
Yet the same constraint here, lack of time...
Longing for a short break, one or two week holiday, to at least relax and rest, then reorganize my schedule of life now... Having Saturday classes as well really making me feel kinda breatheless sometimes!
Anyhow, must go through all these and SURVIVE!

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