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Monday, May 04, 2009

Saturday night was superb! =)
It was the most successful Yumcha session I think, almost all of the Serdang gang turned up, only Utan and ChengChun absent, and the far far away Jovan in Australia~
Here's the list of people coming that night:
JieHui aka Kak
SietYin aka Xing
HanYong aka Bie
ChoiYan aka Hei
KahEng aka Mei
Me aka Bowl

Mei's boyfriend - YaoXuen
Kak's brothers - Andy & Anson

Basically I was enjoying my games at Pitstop and didn't involve in their "discussion" about our annual trip... I love " BlockUs" game! It's definitely not a stupid game, it needs a lot of BRAIN... I was too into it until didn't update with other about their life... Anyway, I got update with them constantly, so just missed one night, so nevermind ba! XD

Forgot who's the initiator that made all of us moved to Kak's house at about 10pm... Kak told us that her karaoke song list just get updated, so we sang songs there... We were like partying... Some played basketball outside with her brothers, some were upstairs online at her room, some sang songs, and Xing had a magic cube in her hands the whole night! Yea, heard that CHS is currently in a magic cube fever, everyone has one in their hands... So we also start learning from them... I was shocked seeing Andy's hands turning and twisting the cube, very FAST! That's why when he taught me how to play, I was kinda in a blur mode... I only managed to do the first few steps until now... Lame me...
Must learn faster already! XD

Borrowed 3 books from Kak, and we left at 12.30am... We can seldom make noise or even visit her house, it was because her parents not home that night... So you can imagine how noisy were us that night, with almost everyone present... It was fun, yet super duper tiring...
I thought of ffg my uni's friends for Time Square outing the next morning, but I still went...


Surprised that the "exhibition" of creative art was so mini... We were all imagined that it will at least occupied an exhibition hall or what, end up only about 20 stalls? Cannot blame Ding anyway, she didn't really describe that fair to u before in fact... We imagined too much...
I didn't buy anything from the fair, firstly due to money constraint (seriously poor recently, need jobs!), and because there's nothing really attracted me perhaps... Looking at them spending on things they feel nice, I was so jealous... I only do window-shopping, and save the money for meals and transport...
Fulfill basic needs is far more important, right? XD

The most funny yet embarassing thing was we five girls, each bought a 10-ringgit-shorts, which are no-trying, and all of us also cannot fit in the pants when tried it back home! We overestimated our sliminess already! Was teased by mommy and was reminded to gamfei again...
So sad! ='(

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