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Saturday, May 02, 2009


My Semester 3 finals officially ended!!! =)
Totally relief~

What's the plan next?
  • Yumcha tonight! With Serdang gang, mostly my crazy 10-years-old-pals!
  • Tomorrow MIGHT go Time Square for a special fair - Wonderful Market, with Ding, WanJun and others... Still haven't confirm yet, but I feel like going!
  • Finish up my drama series- Il Ji Mae! And see which drama to be next...
  • Meet up with Bei, probably after her finals...
  • Get a good part time job! (I do not want to stay home for 3 months doing nothing)

Everything will begin tonight!
And seriously I need a good long sleep, suffering from insomnia recently...
Take a nap first, tonight gotta play and talk A LOT! XD
Happy Holidays to Foundation students!
All the best to A-levels students! Hehe...

** Poisoned, need to clear it off, soon!

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