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Friday, May 15, 2009


People used to say "there's always sunshine after rain" to cheer people up... Yet I'm just too glad to feel the "rain after many days of big-hot-sun" yesterday! It's so refreshing! I'm not getting WET anymore due to the extremely hot weather everyday!
It's a good change, or does it indicating something too? =)

Well, it has been two weeks since my finals end, and when I started my holidays... What I have been doing these days included: sleeping, eating, blogging, rushing drama series, movies... Yes, definitely a relaxing life... My friend was on vacation that day and I helped him teach tuition for one day... Initially I should be taking over him by this end of May, but my mommy just found me a part time job, a job in BAKERY!
Of course I won't be dealing with the baking process if I work there, I'll be just doing some normal shopkeeper's job... Yet I'll be so happy to see many bread and cakes everyday!
The working hour is from 8am to 6pm, EVERYDAY, which I only can choose ONE day off in a fortnight... That's the only torturing part I think... Hard to hang out with friends already...
Just earn some money and experiences first ba! =)

Addicted to Tao Fu Fa recently! And also missing those days I always eat bread and cakes for almost every meal... That's de reason why my face is getting rounder and bigger perhaps, according to mommy... I'm wondering will I get bored of these food if I'm working in bakery, and facing them every moment... Haha...

Oh ya, Happy 19th Birthday to Yee Mun! =)

** Selfish selfish selfish!
I don't like that word! ='(
How can I get rid of it?

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