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Sunday, February 22, 2009

My days

Yesterday went out with Hei and Han-Ming to search something for Hon's farewell at night... I fetched Han-Ming along yesterday as he said he wanted to drink beer with Hon (end up didn't), and therefore cannot drive... Well, we headed to Sunway Pyramid for presents hunting, and it took us almost 2 hours?! Seriously we had no idea at all what Hon needs or lacks of now, so end up we bought him a shirt and a watch... The shirt is simple, yet the phrase printed on it is meaningful, so I chose that... Han-Ming, on the other hand, determined to buy the MU watch for Hon, so we can just agreed... It looks abit childish, but Han-Ming doesn't think so, so we hope Hon will has the same opinion as him lor... After finish buying, me and Han-Ming felt hungry (I didn't had my lunch mar!), so together with Hei, we filled up our stomach with fried chicken chop, oyster meesua and meat floss egg crepes... The food is all very nice!
(recommend: Shihlin Taiwan Street Food)

Reached Hon's house but no one reached yet, so we grabbed YuenLong (Hon's little brother) along to the nearest petrol station to pump petrol... His brother is really super duper CUTE! Hon's another brother, YuenYang, is not cute, but he looks handsome and yeng! Therefore we asked Hon a question: Why are you neither cute nor yeng? XD

Sitting at a corner, me and Hei had our own conversation... We don't know most of the guests invited, so we just chat with each other... We played mahjong cards with YuenLong for a few rounds... After they finished eating, we played Waterfall! A too-healthy-game... JvnYi and Hon drank about 5-6 glasses of water each! Their glasses are big ones somemore... We only end the game after most of them couldn't stand the fullness... Everyone rushed to toilet after the game... Then, WeiKhai, Yau, Han-Ming and Hon chat with us for some times... Yau left earlier as he still had class today (Sunday from 8am-5pm? What a tough life!)... Drove home at about 12am... The journey was kinda scary after dropping Hei home, driving alone at 12am+... I was really tired so I had a good sleep until 11am today...

Mom brought me and brother to South City and bought me a pair of heels, a pair of trousers and a blouse... For repay, I treat them with some cakes and bread... Back home, fall asleep again... Editted a video for Hon, hope that I manage to send him before he leaves tomorrow... He had the original videos last night already thou...

That's my weekends! Mix of joy and sadness...
Hope that everything will be great in Autralia for Hon! =)

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