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Saturday, February 21, 2009


had a great day yesterday... Feeling so good after staying home for past two weeks... Yesterday was basically, simple and relax...


Went BHP to fill in petrol, then headed to Serdang pasar, found a nice parking after turning two rounds there... Was 15 minutes earlier, remained in car and listen to the new channel - One FM, with my favourite DJ (Jeff) on air...

Met with cousin in front of a shop, had breakfast together... Finally I get to eat the Vegetarian Tomyam Curry Mee after missing it for few months! Talked about my cousin's course which she hopes to pursue, she is currently fresh graduated, waiting for SPM results... Same problem goes to her, financial problem; same suggestion - apply for loan... Sigh!

Visit stall by stall, bought a white sleeveless shirt (not black finally!)... Still unable to get myself a pair of slippers, to be specific, girl sandals... Searched for long sleeves shirt for grandma, as she said she feels cold lately (according to cousin, she feels cold even at noon)... Walked the whole pasar but still couldn't find one... Bought a pair of slippers for grandma as asked... Thought of buying some kuih or food that grandma must be missing so much, as she already long time didn't come pasar, yet my cousin said grandma is banned from most of the food... She is still recovering after a surgery last week...

Grabbed cousin along to South City Plaza, wanted to buy my sandals... Why would I ever think of that dead shopping mall? Yea, it's nearly dead, yet I saw many sandals there two weeks ago! (went with Kak and Utan to the Giant there for BBQ ingredients) So disappointing that all the shops were not yet open at about 11.30am... Wonder is the plaza shutting down soon?

Sent cousin back, stayed there for 2 hours, chatting with grandma... As usual, grandma told me a lot of stories, repeated stories, again and again... Well, that's my grandma, good memory on those past life, repeating without missing a single point... I already used to it, and I will never be sick of it... Perhaps I only visit her once a month? I know she feels lonely actually, she needs us to pamper her sometimes, although she always say nevermind...

Back to Equine Jusco for a walk, alone... Wanted to get something for Hon's farewell, but failed... Tried on some clothes and shoes, some were under discount, tempting price, yet I still managed to resist the temptation... Enjoyed and back... Drive-thru Mc Donalds and get myself a set of Mc Value Lunch - RM5.95 (RM6.25 after taxed)...

Satisfied with my lunch, decided to have a good nap... Handed some forms to YeeMun and slept for 1 hour... Woke up and cooked dinner, ate again, watched TV and good night! Told mom about grandma's nagging stories, and mom said that old people used to be like that...



Shopping alone is not scary after all, perhaps yesterday was weekday, and therefore not much people there... Driving will consume a lot of energy for me, proved... I need to spend more time to visit grandma, even I have to listen to the old repeated stories again...

Grandma I love you!
Mommy I love you!

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