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Monday, February 09, 2009

5S4 '07 Gathering!

Sunway Pyramid (Nando's)
Date: 8th February 2009
Occasion: Class Gathering

I was so surprised to see almost 30 people turned up for de gathering yesterday! It's a great success!
Planned to go Hartz (chicken buffet) for lunch, but end up we moved to de restaurant next door -- Nando's... JingHua (our KT) asked for 2 long tables, which can only fit 20 people... So we just sit closer to fit in everyone... However when some late comers turned up, we weren't manage to squeeze them in anymore, and thus, they sat at another table (so we occupied 3 tables in total!)...
As common, everyone chit-chat and updates each other...
Some were busy taking photos as well!
(mostly girls did that, and guys were victims in photos! XD)

After billed, we planned to go for bowling but end up we went Dada's house to gamble... 5 cars went there! (Hon's red Ferrari, ChinChung's silver Lamborghini?) We crapped on this topic for about 15 minutes, standing outside Bowling Centre... Hahahahahaha~ So we stayed at Dada's until evening, and they continued for dinner, while me and WaiYee left earlier... I wanted to stay for dinner with them as well but I had a farewell party to attend at night... It has been quite a long time didn't meet up with them, especially de still-so-funny BoonKiat and his best partner ChinChung! Anyway, I had enough fun with them and I cannot absent Jovan's farewell party... I'll be regret if I didn't go I know...
So 5S4 pals, we continue next time ya! =)

** My Girlsss! ** =)

** First table's girls **

** Me, Hon and Waiyee **

** Shereen, JingHua and me **

** Gay partners and me? ** XD

** de Cool XeLinn **

** Big Chef Joel! **

** Still so pretty Shereen **

** Dada's tomato face! ** XD

** Lucinda and me **

** EeTyng and me **

** de funniet BoonKiat & ChinChung **

** with QingLi and ShuYin **

** Music master - YingHui **

** de only girl taller than me in class - Joanna! **

** JiaYi who just rushed back from camp **

** So-formal YuXuan **

** Let's go to Dada's house! ** =)

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