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Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Finally get to watch "Ip Man"! (de one many people so called "I-P-Man")
It is really nice, which made me burst into tears for de last half part... Okie okie, I know you all are despising me, I am just that easy to cry!
By de way, is it not saddening when de whole village was seized by de Japanese? And also de scenes where Ip Man was fighting for dignity of Chinese!
It's normal to drop tears when watching that I think?

Anyway, Ip Man is a good movie! =)


Was completing all my tutorial works these few days (by copying), kinda tiring... Semester 2 is coming to an end, CNY is also just around de corner, and of course our finals too! I think it is de first time I'm being so "hardworking" throughout this semester... Searching for tutorials' solutions all de way, photostating and copying... Well, I did some of it by myself, but only a small portion of it... Feel so exhausted, especially right after Chemistry lecture (copy, copy and COPY)... No matter what, that's de reponsibility of a student... So I cannot complain much...
Good luck lor! XD


Back-seat passengers must also fasten seat-belt!

I think everyone is following de instruction now just because you'll be fined for RM300 if not doing so... Moreover I'm already reached legal age, so I'll have to pay for it myself if get caught... So better don't take risk!
Safety first mar, right? XD


Went out for dinner with Jovan, Tham, ChengChun, Xing and Hei last week... De "Cao Cao Grilled Lamb" and sate were so yummy! Worth to try everyone! It's located at Kuchai Lama if I'm not wrong... Just somewhere near de church there... Back to Jo' house to play cards for awhile before went home...
I really don't want to gamble anymore! It has been almost 8 years I didn't gamble, and once I gambled that night, I became de big loser!
Unfair unfair!
Okie fine, I won't gamble anymore, I only play mahjo
ng, k?? XD

Tham, you have good driving skills, yet it's damn scary sitting in your car! XD


Dreamed of something last few night, sweet and impressive... However, sweet dreams will always be in contrast with reality... That's why people say dreams can hardly come true... Anyhow, that's not important to me, I only see dreams as illusions... Just cannot figure out what's going on in my mind, my heart...
Sometimes I really feel urged to give a try, but I'm just too timid...
Even I thought of want to let it ends here, incompletely, but my heart say no...
So what to do?
Just remain in de current condition, and try to make it a good memory for future...
See, I'm persuading myself again that some loves might be prettier remained unbloom! =)


Few days ago, Hon told me that he might be leaving to Australia in February!
Why so fast??
De day he leaves might clashes with my finals, that's means I cannot farewell with him?? Yerrrrrrrrr~ Stay longer please!
So if possible, I'll find a time to have our last lunch together, k??
Wait for me~ XD

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