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Monday, January 05, 2009

Brand New Day

What's so special of today?
It's nothing special for me, but I bet many of my friends studying in colleges and Form 6 were back to school unwillingly this morning...
Finally their holidays end, so I won't complain anymore that they're so free at home while I'm still having class now... XD

It should be a more exciting yet nervous day for my little brother...
He is finally Form 1 this year! =)
(yea, he is really 6 years younger than me lar ah gor, what so unbelievable? XD)
Hopes he enjoy his first day of his secondary school life!
How much I wish I could back to secondary school times...
We had so much fun on bus and while staying back!
I miss CHS again! ='(

Anyway, it's my classmate, Teck Cheong's birthday too!
So, Happy Birthday ya! =)

Cheer up everyone, no Monday blues~ ^^v

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