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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Feel good! =)

After feeling so burdened for past few days, finally Maths test is over! =)
No matter I did well or not, it's still over, and I'm so happy right now!
Wonder why I feel so good now, I should be nervous, as Physic, Chemistry and Programming tests are just few days more to go...
I just feel relax now! =)

Was having lectures at PG block for de past few days, and it was abit far from PA... Environment there is not so good, classes too big making me cannot concentrate at de back, and toilet is just bad! I haven't try de food at cafeteria there yet, going to try tomorrow perhaps, as I heard that de food there is better then PA's...
Wore de new slippers (only wear few times before?) to UTAR today, and it broken at de front part! Well, pasar malam slippers, 10 ringgit, what else better can I expect? Luckily I still got my Asadi! Asadi is really a good brand of slippers, comfortable and cheap! =)

Heard some news from friends today, don't know is it true... Well if it's real, should I be sad or happy? No feelings? I know it definitely affects a little, just I haven't see de effects... Don't let me drown inside again, I'm now halfway climbing up... Let everything be positive if it's true please!
I don't want a burdened life, as well as a burdened heart...

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