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Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas '08 =)

De countdown was not so excited as expected, because there's no DJ announcing de 5 4 3 2 1, and I didn't join de spraying bubbles crew as well... In fact, I still let people sprayed a few times... De dinner in Marche was pretty good, and cheaper than what I predicted... We met de santa claus in Marche too, and took some photos... I was so full as we ate some pancakes at Paddington just right before dinner... While me and Qi happy choosing our earrings, Bei suddenly phoned us to rush to de ice-cream booth immediately, because they bought us an ice-cream each! Gosh, I was really super duper full that time! Well, I just had a few bites on de cone and gave up de whole ice-cream... Sorry dears!

So while Ai and Bei accompanying YinYing waiting for de shuttle bus, Qi accompanied me went to Sakae Sushi to find MeeYun, to exchange back our phones... Thanks a lot MeeYun! You're my saviour that day! Owe you one meal, but not Secret Recipe, k?? XD
Meimei bumped into us when I was exchanging phones with Meeyun, following by Kei, JungHao, Fei and Ah Kun... They were finding place for dinner, so me and Qi sat for awhile with them until Ai phoned us again... I didn't know Ikea is so big until we almost lost our way inside... Me and Qi actually took a big round before we found de exit... We were all tired, and it's only 10.30pm! One and a half hour to countdown... So we decided to yumcha at McD in Cineleisure, but there's no more empty seats... Headed to Tony Romas, yet de waiter there told us we had to at least wait for an hour for table... We're exhausted, so just sat on de benches infront of Tony Romas, observing people who passed by...

After JungHao them joining us, we met Jeng with his classmates... Jeng still spoiled our photos!
Smile and don't close your eyes please Jeng~ XD

When it's almost 12am, they bought sprays and started de foam war... Few of us didn't join but yet still cannot avoid from being sprayed... Qi became de main target of de night, white foam was all over her body... I didn't manage to meet with my classmates, no fate maybe?
Anyway, I hope I can make it on new year's eve! I don't want to belanja and don't want to miss de fun as well~ =)

As we're going to stay over at Qi's house, so we had to obey her daddy's rule where we gotta be home by 1am... We really made it by 1am!
Ai, your driving skill not bad huh! =)

After everyone bathed, we planned to start our talk, but I was halfway asleep... Hehehehe... Sorry for being so pig lor!
Hope didn't miss any fun or secret? XD

De next day I only woke up at 10.30am, where everyone has already preparing for de party later... Sorry for being so pig again!
We joined Qi's family party and had a big feast again... Yes, it's AGAIN!
Gosh, if everyday is Christmas, I think we'll surely become 4 fat ladies!
I don't want~

Overall it's not too bad, only de countdown part is abit disappointing... I enjoyed slumber party more actually...
And I miss your Shokubutsu Qi! XD

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