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Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Talked to Ai regarding some comments I received from my old pals...
Basically they think I've changed from polite to not-so-polite, from quiet to more talkative, from never-say-no to know how to reject,
from a samaritan to a polluted angel perhaps?

I knew it all actually, I understand what's going on within myself...
I was in a deep thought where am I becoming a bad girl?
Hopefully not, but I know I've lost de purest personality in me...

Yea, I was once a girl who considered quite kind-hearted?
For instance, whoever asked me to help, no matter I could or couldn't afford, surely I'll try my best to help... This can be some complicated yet headache job such as be de middle-person of someone's relationship, or some minor thing like helping someone to photostat notes... As long as people ask me, I will never say a no to them; sometimes even they didn't ask, I'll also offer my help personally... Now I will consider a lot of aspects before nodded, else being too kind sometimes is being bullied...
I admit that I am not so helpful as before because I'm just too lazy to help sometimes... Yea, I really turn into a more lazy person since joining uni... @.@

"People say one, I will never say two!"
It was once 100% me, but not anymore now...
Is it a good thing or bad?

Last time I won't join gossips, I only sat by side and listened... Now you might find me starting a topic after lunch in cafeteria, and sharing informations (better words for gossip) with my jimuis...
Of course, it must be a two-way conversation only gossips will work... So generally, I became part of de gossip girls! It might keeps me updated all de time, yet it's still not a good habit of gossiping though... I miss de time people will personally came to me and share their problems with me, so that I can help them, or at least be de best listener... Perhaps my friends nowadays have no problems, or I'm no longer a good listener and counsellor to them... Luckily I'm still patient enough not to get angry easily with people when they did something wrong, but not when over de limit...

So am I bad now?
I wish I am still helpful, patient and polite to you guys!
Nevertheless I still not hope to be de one who is too kind to be bullied, so people, just ask me to do things but with limit ya! =)
Ai, maybe you're right, I do not need to back to de original me, yet I should keep de good qualities and eliminate de bads from de past!

** I actually appreciate people calling me "" nowadays,
has became too common already...


TD5 are in BLACK today~
To show our unity and uniqueness (sounds weird =.=), almost whole of de class wearing black shirts today... Unfortunately, Christine, our class rep, doesn't believe we will be so united, plus she was rushing when coming out from home, so she wore pink... There are still one or two not wearing black as well, perhaps they didn't get informed?
So here's some photos of blackies today! =)

** Chor Dai Di during break! **

** We played pens with Phyics theories today! **

** de face of person infront always look bigger! ** =.=

** Joshin - MeeYun - SVoon **

** Blackness of TD5 ** =)

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