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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Temporary relief!

It's kinda busy last few days... How's test? I'd just say I won't die but injured badly... I wrote a lot of craps in Chemistry test and almost out of time... I didn't know what should be de answers, so I just wrote everything related...
It's one of de scoring skill maybe?
Hope what I wrote can "tembak betul" lar! =)

Chem test ended at 6pm yesterday... Instead of stucking in de freaking traffic jam, Ah Lun suggested that we stayed for dinner... So we had dinner at a restaurant at Seksyen 17, forgot what's de name of de restaurant already... We ordered 4 dishes, enough for 8 people, and de dishes are not bad... Pity Robin last night (not only last night, should be everytime) as we keep teasing him, but he really damn "thick face" and "innocent"... I wonder if he really mean it when he is praising himself, or he purposely want to make us laugh... If he really meant it, I'd like to know how he gains so much of self-confidence! I need that more perhaps... We had a fun time (gossiping about SOMEONE) and we only realized that WenChuan is good in teasing others as well! Damn bad ler us! XD

We dismissed at 8pm after WanJun's daddy came to pick her up... Last night only I get to see that de Jaya One at night is sooooo beautiful! Next time if want to yumcha with PJ's friends, I think Jaya One will be a good choice... Of course not mamak there, maybe Halo Cafe?
Oh ya, Rynn and JJ will be at Jaya One Palm Square soon! Maybe should take a look how's de mini concert is...
It reminds me of F.I.R. Malaysia Concert! It's next Saturday!!!
It's their first concert in Malaysia after 4 years of waiting, but I'm going to miss it... No one accompany me to de concert so I cannot go, furthermore it's at Genting... So sad lar wei... ='(

Anyway, ALL DE BEST to F.I.R.~ =)

There is one more paper on Saturday - Programming & Problem Solving... I think it will be not that difficult as Maths or Chemistry, so I'm like so lazy and relax now after Chem test... I'm looking forward to this Sunday, One Utama~ Will it be on? I'm still awaiting everything to be confirmed... Although all de tests is over, but it's only a temporary relief as second round of assignments is coming soon! So just enjoy de short break as we have no long holidays like SAM or Form 6 students...
Take a good rest! =)

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