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Monday, November 24, 2008

Just about PLAYing~

I'd been going out with friends de whole yesterday!
It's so tiring yet wasting money, but of course I had fun too...
Yesterday morning I went Cheras Selatan Jusco with Hei and Xing for movie Madagascar II... De movie was not that nice for me, it's really a cartoon show for kids... After that we had lunch at Pizza Hut, ate kinda alot! We met Eric, a UTAR friend, wokring as partime there... We met HanYong's sister and her boyfriend as well! Her boyfriend is tall and good looking, somemore takes handbag for her... So sweet! =)

Back home at about 3pm and started to rush my reports!

Received YaoXuen's invitation to his birthday party at Pitstop (is that shop AGAIN)... After finished Physics report, and left Chemistry half done, only I went to de party... Instead of a typical birthday party, last night was just like a yumcha session of friends, mostly primary school friends...
I played quite wild I think, because I run here and there, playing with de "big hammer" and shouted for de whole night!
(it was SUPER noisy there where you definitely gonna SHOUT)

Taken many photos, normal and also abnormal ones...
Met Zi Xiang and Sin Sin before went back, and of course had a photoshot as well! XD

Today morning I'm so headache, over playing last night I think... Completed de Chemistry report in Physics Lab... It sounds weird but let me tell you, nearly half of de class was rushing Chemistry report after done de Physics experiments! We're such hardworking students! XD
Chat with Meimei and WaiYee, BC and Ai last few days... My following weeks are all fully scheduled! (Full with outings)
I'm looking forward to de X'mas this year and I want a santa hat! =)

Play hard & study smart! =)

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