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Monday, November 03, 2008

Pasar malam~

Wow, it's has been such a loooooong time since last time I went to SK pasar malam! Just back from there with a full stomach, although I only ate a bowl of pan mee and some fried abalone mushroom...
Tonight I feel so good as I finally found back de jimuiz feel! I've been missing this jimuiz feel with them since half year ago I think...
It's finally coming back! =)

Those days we used to go shopping together, yumcha and gossips... Searching for clothes and shoes, earings and nails art... We liked to buy same style of things
(shirt, bag or earings) in different colours... We enjoyed teasing each other and always want to slim down but end up only Kah Eng succeed now... We enjoyed singing karaoke very much, sing until our voice gone...

Those moments are like all coming back tonight!

It's really make me feel so good tonight, although I know there're still slightly differences from de past, but I appreciate tonight!
Lurvya Jimuiz! =)

** Hei, I can feel your determination to gamfei this time!
Hope you'll success and make me slim along as well! XD

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