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Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween~

It's Halloween! XD
Well, I never celebrate Halloween and I do not know what is Halloween about too... However, I really feel like going for Halloween party this year... Due to transport problem, I rejected my friend's invitation already...
Nevermind lar, next year! =)

By de way, I was chatting with Hon just now, but due to my stupid MSN problem, he cannot receive my message... So we make use of my blog's chatbox! XD

Let you all see some creative stuffs of 2 childish fellows!


When Hon asked me for sweets, I draw him this:

After few moments, he reply me this:

De bitten sweets!
I laughed when I saw this, damn creative man!
Know what I reply him then?
"You can eat de sweets without open de wrapper??"

It's just a fun night! =)