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Friday, October 31, 2008

Friendship lunch =)

Wow, finally we had our FIRST friendship lunch since sem 2 started! Well, it's without Jeng, but got Kelly joined us~
Yea, I asked Kelly to come over Jaya One to have a lunch with us since she is having holidays, and gotta go TTC teach tuition at 2.30pm... Han-Ming should be having class but he decided to stay with us after that...

We had our lunch at Brisik, a very special restaurant with artistic decorations... There are songs playing all de time, either english or chinese, but all oldies...
Don't know if de waiter is really that improfessional or what, he took wrong order for Han-Ming, and spilt de water out when refilling for Han-Ming too... When Hei asked for chilli sauce (those we eat in Mc D), but he gets some other chilli for her after searching for quite a long time... He somemore sighing when give Hei de chilli, saying "it's really damn hard for me to find this!"... Hahahahaha! He didn't know that he gets a wrong one for Hei, or perhaps there is no chilli sauce in that restaurant... XD

Overall de lunch was not bad, we had so much laughters... De most impressive one is when we teach Han-Ming what mean by "eat lemon" in cantonese! It's normally used when someone is rejected by a girl, then we can describe de situation by saying "he eat lemon already"... Well, Han-Ming cannot really understand de meaning I think, so he just keep using it in many wrong ways, but these created de joke of de day! He said sek ling mong sounds like rude words, for scolding people... Hahahahahaha~ It's really damn funny when listened to his cantonese slang... XD

Of course, I won't miss de chance taking photos with Kelly before leave... De decorations there is so nice, should have taken more photos! Since Han-Ming didn't want to take photo with us, so I asked him to be de camera man... XD Oh ya, thanks for de chocolate and key-chain! Don't expect me to hang it at a obvious place...
Here come de photos! =)

** Kelly & Me **

** Hei & Kelly **

** Friendship Forever =) **

Looking forward to our next friendship lunch with whoever my good friends! =)

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