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Monday, October 27, 2008


Both Chemistry and Physics reports are going to due tomorrow!
Yea, today is de 3rd day of weekend holidays, and I only start searching for details to write my discussions... I thought someone will complete his or her reports today so that I can borrow theirs as a reference... Who knows... No one done it!
It's damn difficult to write for de discussion for Chem report, although lecturer gave us de guides, but it only confusing us... Chem II is all about theories, so there is no calculations can be involved in discussion, all about EXPLANATIONS!!!

Gosh, I'm freaking out! >.<

Well, I just printed out some informations, and I hope I can finish de reports by tonight with de aid of those don't know useful or useless notes... Just wish me luck man!
Good luck to all my classmates too! I saw most of your MSN's personal message are regarding reports... Jiayou ya! =)

It's Deepavali today, so I'm here wishing everyone a Happy Deepavali (especially for Boozie!)~ XD


小菜 said...

lol...happy deepavali...
i am aso not yet done these two report....hate-ing....

SVoon said...

you too ar??
den jiayou together ba! =)