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Thursday, October 02, 2008

Cousin's Burfdae Party

Last night we went to grandma's house to celebrate my 9-year-old cousin's burfdae... There was kinda many people last night, but mostly (99%) were adults...
My cousin's friends should be little kids too, I thought... Well, after found out from her sister, she said de guests invited were mainly my aunt's colleagues and friends, and those kids you can found there were their children...
Any burfdae gurl's friends?? Yes, there is ONE...
Gosh, what a burfdae party is that!
However, my little cousin seemed to enjoy de party so much, because she received many soft toys and presents, and of course many BIG ANGPAO from adults... I heard that she got nearly RM350 for those angpao...
I wonder is there so much in my piggy bank now...
Poor ler me! XD

After having de "buffet", me and my another cousin sister started our karaoke session! We sang for de whole night, eventhough there is not much VCDs, and we don't know most of de songs... It was still fun, because I have been long time didn't go Redbox already, for one month I think?? XD

** Burfdae Gurl **

** Blowing candles light **

Before leaving, I asked my cousin sister to take a photo for me and dearest grandma!
Miss u alot Grandma! =)

** Me & my dearest Grandma =) **

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