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Friday, October 17, 2008


Recently I feel not so well, tend to fall sick, or there's something wrong with me?? I do not know, but I just not feeling well whenever I do something for a long time, even stand or sit for longer time also make me feel sick... I don't know how to describe that feeling, kind of headache, dizzy, feel like vomitting, and pain at de backbone... It might due to lacking of sleep, I thought... Yea, I really feel slightly better after nap, somehow de symptoms didn't seem to get away from me thoroughly... I don't want to get ill, and I don't hope there's any health problem in me!

Read about a kind of illness in newspaper before, which doctors cannot cure it, mainly due to ownself thinking... People nowadays who lead such a stressful life will probably experience it before... My current symptoms matched some of de symptoms listed!
Okie well, I know that kind of illness, and I really hope I am having it rather than having other unknown illness...
I feel so weak!
My stupid anaemia causes it perhaps...
Aikzzzz! @.@

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