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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Sunny Day =)

My hated-most paper is over~ Whee~
Although I didn't do well, but nevermind, at least it's over...
Chemistry and Maths papers left, all calculations and formula... These should be torturing because my brain will crack due to those formula and numbers, but I have to do well in these 2 papers instead... These are subjects that I can understand at least, not like CS and Phy etc, study already equals to no study... So I hope Chemistry and Maths papers will be easy, and do not come out with those "mix and match" questions...
(means few chapters' formula in one question =.=)

2 more papers to go and I'm free~ Good Luck! =)

Saw him today! He is still attractive as before, still charming...
He makes today sunny! =)

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