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Monday, September 15, 2008

Mid-Autumn =)

Luckily today has no exams, if not I wouldn't celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival last night... We had steamboat dinner in my aunt house, which is just a few house behind mine... I went to her house in the afternoon to make "konyaku jelly"... Without noticing there are different colours of de jelly powder, I poured them all into de pot together, so red mixed with yellow, but de result is still red, just a bit lighter in colour... My cousins were all "Oops!", but I told them: "Nevermind lar, still can eat de mar!"... XD

**Boy boy very proud of his jelly!**
(because he poured de jelly into de moulds, and spill it out as well XD)

And before I eat, I saw a DOLPHIN jelly!

** My aunt was like: "Like that also need to take picture ar!"... **

Also a very BIG love~

** Don't know who had eaten de only love jelly!!! **

Too bad it's raining last night, so my little cousins played with candles and egg shell under de roof outside... They enjoyed playing with fire, burnt all the leaves and branches they found, and still playing fire when telling me: "Shao Wen Jie Jie, you see you see, my fingers red adi, very pain ar!"...
See, that's kids!

** It was still evening, and they started to play with FIRE! XD **

De rain still didn't stop at night, so we stopped de kids from playing, and get their place for steamboat! XD

** Wonder why kids always can get food faster than adults! **

As expected, we didn't manage to finish all de food... My cousin somemore bought 2 boxes of J.Co Donuts back for us when she came back from work! Kids like donut more than steamboat, that's what I can see... They gave up their bowl of sausages and fishballs, and rush inside to get themselves a donut! And I found that no people likes strawberry flavour donut, because everyone has a same misconception: Strawberry got medicine smell!
Yea, I think so too...

** Kids lurv chocolate, so adults just can eat de other flavour of donuts left... **

It was a simple and happy night... I didn't study for whole day! And so today I have to force myself to be more concetrate, but seems to fail again...
See, I am still blogging here! XD

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