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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Missing my old pals...

Do you realize how long have you been losing contact with your friends?? Erm, I mean those whom you once called good or best friends... Yea, I just realized that I've been losing contact with few of my best pals for few months!!! And when I viewed their Friendster profile, only I realized that I am so outdated... Seem that I'm really not updated to their lives, because I hardly understand what were been talking about in those testimonials and comments...
They joined some competition and won some awards?? They are having trials next week?? They went on vacations oversea??
See, I really have no idea about all these news... Perhaps I should call or sms them one by one later... =.=

Anyway, I still feel glad that from those testimonials I seen, their lives are pretty good... Everything seems to be going on well, except for exams lar... Everyone also saying their exams sux, but actually some of them did quite well, just they are still not satisfy... All de buddies who always hanging out together, going tuition together, study for exams together last time, are now all leading out their own life... Most of us are already officially 18, and thus many things are changing... Changes not definitely bad, changes sometimes have good impact too...
However, I do hope when I phone you guys and girls, de conversations can still last long ya! =)

Oh ya, special shout out to Jung Hao, de one I used to share everything with during secondary school life... We must find a day to come out KENG GAI, k?? I know you have a lot to update me, so do I... My finals is just 2 weeks from now, however I still hope can meet you up within this week! We try to make it in this week lar, k??
Miss you alot CHEW JUNG HAO!!! =)

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