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Friday, August 22, 2008

de Afternoon...

Today during our lunch break, Hon came over UTAR and had lunch with me and Hei at Fireman! Han-Ming joined us after he won his charade overall champion...
Okie well, CONGRATULATIONS to Han-Ming here first! =)
De lunch was warm and nice to me, not because of de Fireman's performance, is just because I had really long time didn't meet with Hon!
Yea, I really miss this buddy alot!
We're classmates for, erm, 3 years?? Somemore he was sitting in front of me during Form 5...
I miss secondary school life alot, I miss chit-chatting with my buddies in class, I miss you guys!!!

After lunch, we brought Hon into UTAR for a "tour"... I think he will think that Taylors is much more better lor... XD
And due to FATE, we met someone that we're actually going to show to Hon! See, that's so called FATE... Don't deny it lar Han-Ming!
Then, we just crapping around in de study room... Yeap, we're crapping, yet it's fun when it deals with best pals... Before Hon leaves, we took photos by using Han-Ming's phone... BUT somehow de photos lost already, due to some unknown technical problem??
Lee Han-Ming!!! Aikzzzzzz~

Anyway, Hon will be leaving to Australia if he scores well in his SAM finals... Well, eventhough I am very "bu she de" him, but still I wish he can pass with flying colours, because I think further study in Australia will be definitely better than Malaysia...
So Hon, ALL DE BEST!!!

Hon didn't talk much this afternoon, maybe most of the time is me and Hei who keep gossiping, so he can just listen... Sorry lar Hon! And he did asked a quite formal question: how's your studies?? Haha... Is it we really too long never meet each other, too long until you have to ask such question... Anyway, if you really facing any problem or need help, just give me a call k?? Your buddy me is always standby here... =)

That's what friends are for! Take care my friend!
Miss ya! ^^

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