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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Magnifying de Happiness! =)

Today a few of us attended de meeting with UTAR president, having a dialog with him, regarding de degree course dat we chose - Actuarial Science... Well, as expected, he told us we need not to go Kampar campus for degree already, but will be moving to Setapak campus for some "all for your own good" reasons... Yea, no doubt I think it's quite reasonable to proceed our degree in Setapak instead of Kampar after listened to his explanations, but dunno why I still got abit disappointed... No more Kampar campus, no more lakes, no more bicycle!!! Well, many of my friends say I am weird, because no one likes dat boring place (no more MV, no more movies, no more Redbox...), but I am like so desperating to go dere! Okie fine, I am weird... =.=
Well, its already confirmed now, so I am going Setapak next year!
and Fong, I know your house near dere, rite??
So be prepared to welcome me ya~ XD

Back to de lovely morning, when we just reached UTAR, sitting down and chit-chatting, Steron suddenly pop out saying: "I feel like going to cheung k! We go CHEUNG K diz saturday lar!"... Gosh, what a goooooood idea!!! Me and Hei are like: Yea we are 100% agree~ Here start our Sunway Pyramid plan... So we asked our classmates to go along, too bad most of them are going back hometown diz weekends... But we still get a few, erm, I mean about 5 people, joining our singing crew... I hope my cheung k session won't bubur chacha lar, please don't let it bubur chacha, k?? XD

Next, Penang!!! Erm dunno izzit really because of me and Hei insisted to go Penang rather den Genting, somehow our class dealed to go Penang during de coming semester break... I think almost half of de class saying yes already... And 2 drivers are available now!!! It's definitely not enough to fit in almost 15 of us in 2 cars, so we are still asking and see whether who else can drive dere... Well, driving to Penang from KL is not dat easy, and all of us are just P license holders, so lots of thing have to be taken into consideration... Anyhow, dat'z not de main point... I was just so suprised when Ah Lun telling me dat Ka Lik dey all might be going too... Wow! It sounds like de whole class is getting more united! Suddenly feel so happy, because our class is finally started to be closer to each other, after de 12 weeks in UTAR... Yea, I know 12 weeks time is abit too long, but at least we didn't end our first semester like a bunch of strangers...
, I started to lurv you guys man!!! =)

** Photo session AGAIN!! XD **

So today is not bad for me, chit-chat and laugh for de whole day... Some more we went to de pasar malam near UTAR before go back home, shared a Roti John with Hei, and did like what we did with Fukcrewz - 10++ people crowded in front of a stall, and just 2 people is buying actually... See, it's a tradition everywhere I go! Stand in de middle of de street, blocking de way, and discussing what to do next... Our style! XD

A simple day can be a happy day too... So I hope everyday is simple lar~ =)

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