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Monday, August 11, 2008

de Beginning

Phew~ Finally I can start my very 1st post after editing all dose layout thingy... I found that I am really an idiot when dealing with HTML codes!!!
BC, teach me nex time
, k??
Although I noe you aren't really PRO in dat too, izzit not?? XD

Okie well, I dunno why will I suddenly started a blog, and spending most of my time to decorate it and writing posts here... I am not sure whether I will be active for long, or just quit blogging after few weeks, but I do hope that I can find my way to express my feelings here...

Last few days my mood wasn't dat good, and I visited BC's blog, reading her words, with some photos attached, and listening to de darn touching song, and gurl you knew it, you made me cried!!! I am not blaming you of coz, just wanna thank you for letting me noe dat what does a FRIEND mean... I am missing you gurls damn alot!!! {you all noe who I meant, rite??} So I am looking forward to diz coming Wednesday, we'll have alot of fun, and photosss too no doubt!!! Again, just wanna say again and again dat:

** de gorgeous Tai **

** de Piggy pres **

** de mommy Ai **

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