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Friday, April 27, 2012

Saying goodbye to April.

There's this trend I found in my routines: 
When I'm getting busier with studies, I'm having more outings as well.
So the past one and a half months were busy, with works and fun.
Now? Precious two-week break before another crazy semester! =D

Barely remember what exactly I had done in the past few weeks, let's see what pictures I have with me.
Yes, I love taking pictures anywhere and everywhere, especially food! 


Hardly believe normal students like us can create and produce own board games with a totally above average quality! Although it is pricey, the satisfaction and compliments gained worth our time and effort. 
Prehistoric Rush, our baby, we miss you! 


I love the experiment we did because that was my initial suggestion and interested area in cognitive psychology.
Multitasking with digital technology while learning, something that I'm doing in class and while revision.
Despite having results and past researches supporting that multitask can never be better than monotask, I guess I haven't learn.
 I am just finding ways to minimize the detrimental effect. 
See, stubborn psychologist-to-be.

And our group got chosen to present during colloquium, that was the first surprise although was a little anticipated. 
Without practice, we won for the best presenting group
That was seriously a great surprise for me. I would say the big part of tribute goes to Dr. Hera. I've learned a lot, really a lot, during her class for presenting skills. Of course, I could see that my group mates were walking up and down rehearsing their own scripts and keeping themselves in time. Despite flaws here and there, we did our best, and we're still the best after all!

Great memories for final year in degree.
This is really memorable. =)


Asian Music Festival 2012!
Thanks to WeeKiat who offered me two extra tickets he had gotten, me and Hei can join the crowd that night. It was the third time we been to Sunway Lagoon Surf Beach for concert since years ago. Previous twice were kinda fun. This time was not as fun perhaps due to the unfamiliar singers or lack of friends along. Major difference was that we are older, seriously. Both of us got tired so easily and were not really into the mood of partying all night long. 
Come to think of it, our activities these few years have been towards a more sedentary style. Eat and talk, that's all. Gosh, we don't wanna get old so soon, yet we are.

Appreciate your life and energy youngsters out there! =P


We love trying out new places for food.
Nice ambiance and food, however a little overpriced.
Interior and outer design are both simple yet special.
I especially like their colourful circles!

Yes, I'm talking about pH Pastry House.
It was a great 4-hour getaway from my revision on a weekend. =) 


Wheeeeee! Finals ended!
Looking forward to this semester break as I had been feeling kinda suffocated this semester.
Right after the last papers, we girls went to sing K.
As usual, I sang till my voice (almost) gone. Well, that means I fully enjoyed it again. =)

Stayed for dinner and chit-chat with the girls.
It was a great night but a pervert uncle spoiled the night.
We went back earlier for safety purpose.
I was scared and feeling so unsafe. Kinda amazed that Bing and Yen were so brave and able to protect ourselves. I am the most timid one among all to handle these kind of incidents, guess I have got a lot to learn.
Thanks girls for teaching me how should I react next time if I encounter such unlucky scene again.
Missed the pillow-talk night! Shall pick another date for it again! =)


There were still some other events like Hei's birthday or 30-Hour Famine stuffs but I don't have any pictures of them so ya, just skipped.
Watched two movies today: I Do and The Vow.
Love is something we can never fully understand and handle it perfectly as there are too many uncertainties and changes awaiting us.
I am sure I couldn't master it but I know, I am not gonna give up learning how to love.

Happy Holiday! =)

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