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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I feel bored, and I feel like blogging.
So, here's the half-told story I owed you that night.
A short story, with question.

When the girl and the boy first being together, the girl had an ideal girlfriend image in mind and tried her best to adhere to it. She suppressed her (bad) emotions most of the times, showed toleration and care. She did not put her jealousy into words or actions, letting the boyfriend to do whatever he wanted to do, go wherever he wanted with whoever; she said she doesn't care, as long as the guy is happy. If given a hypothetical situation or question, she will choose to let go the boyfriend if he chose to. She never wanted to fight, never wanted to angry, never wanted to jealous, and never liked forever. For that deep in her mind, a good girlfriend should not have temper, bad temper. Relationship would not last if she is not an ideal girlfriend, because he loves girlfriend like this.

She doubted a lot, getting him on nerves. He feels she is still living in her circle with walls around, and he could not get in. He asked her to lower down her guard, let him in, let him see the true her. She didn't like to love with no guard, she worried she would get hurt thoroughly. Nevertheless the boyfriend encouraged her, convinced her with lots of reasons, good ones. Eventually she reveals more and more, emotions and temper, which she tried to hide all the while. Jealousy, anger, and cold war. She hides no more.

Once a while now, he will sigh and grumble in joke, where gone the lovely caring girlfriend? No more angelic, when devil shows her true side. The girlfriend held her breathe for once, and thought: She should guard up and hide those non-ideal sides again. He doesn't like the true sides, he prefers the ideal sides deep in his heart. She knows that.

So here comes the dilemma:
Should the girlfriend fenced up her bad sides and let the relationship lasts with fantasy?
Or she should just be true to him and let him decide whether he loves this imperfect her?

Oh my opinion?
I think she can try to change her bad sides and improve on good sides.
Brilliant me.
But wait!
It is always easier to say, harder to do.


Hon said...

Did u copy this story from somewhere? I remember hearing it before.

SVoon said...

Not as detailed as you heard I guess?
Oh, actually I missed one point which is from 太客气 becomes 不客气.
She gonna turn back to the initial her?

Hon said...

Ahaha.. Turn or not... I believe she'll get the same result gua.

SVoon said...

She hopes to get the best outcome!

Hon said...

I mean the guy will treat her the same.

SVoon said...

But she wishes to give the guy the best.

Hon said...

Haha.. Then give the best only la.

kak said...

ei, this story very one-sided leh..互补 ah 互补, the guy dont have these issues meh

SVoon said...

True, gonna listen to the guy's side of stories too, but he says he doesn't have any to share. Haha!

Sheryl Yen said...

I believe true love would bond them together. The He will eventually accept the whole part of She (vice versa)~ <3