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Thursday, June 09, 2011

Here I am!

I've missed a lot to write in blog, but when it had been long over, the feeling is just not there anymore.
So summary:

1) Janda Baik trip was awesome! Had different role, different experiences, different memories from previous visit. Fulfilling trip. Well done everyone! =)

2) Went out 3 days back-to-back few weekends ago, with Hei, Mei and Bie. Tiring yet fun, you know when the crazy people like us get along, laughter is everywhere. What a bunch of cute guy and friendly girls! *wink*

3) Sometimes it feels special when someone talk over their life, their happiness or troubles, with you. When you get to know your friend a little deeper, and feeling glad that at least you helped for lending him/her your ears, nevertheless because he/she can count on you. You will just wish, from the bottom of your heart, he/she can be happy. Yeah, and I'm happy. =)

4) On similar note, it feels sucks too when you believed you disappointed someone. For not being responsible, not being sensitive, not being understanding, not being the one they expected you to be. And what really sucks is that you felt down and blamed yourself, but did not make it up or change it.

5) Short semester had just passed half, because midterm tests end. Please let me have decent grades! I already tried my best to finish the chapters, even though I am again very last minute. Teehee!

6) ACT campaign and 30hour Famine, current events I am involved. Will be dedicated to do my best, as I think I will cut down involvement in events when thesis is overwhelming me in my Year 3. Jiayou!

7) What do you do when you feel losing control of yourself? I am thinking to gain back control. By what way? I have no idea.

Life's good?
Despite not perfect, but definitely a yes. =)

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