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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Feel like so.

Recently saw quite some photos and heard some stories from friends who are studying abroad.
That's an urge, to experience life outside home.
To explore, to be independent, to examine my toughness.
To walk alone down the unfamiliar street, to think, to feel.
And experience culture shock.

I will miss home, I'm sure.
But if there's chance for this to happen, perhaps I would go for it.
I wanna see the other parts of this world;
I wanna see some other possible sides of me.


Jeen said...

Maybe you can start from going backpacking on your own!

SVoon said...

Strangely that never came to my mind yet, feel kinda dangerous somehow.
But yea, nothing is impossible, I might do it one day if got chance! =)

Jeen said...

It's safer if you start with more civilised countries, then only you move on to less developed countries. All the best =)

Ai said...

Bowl~ i sokong u if there ever is a chance for you to experience overseas life! =)

SVoon said...

Thank youuu Ai!
Feels like it's time to grow up and learn the real independence.
If ever there's chance, I will try! =)