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Sunday, April 03, 2011


If there's such thing, I had one day major depression episode yesterday.

I'm lucky because the totally ILL feeling only lasted for one day.
I always know what's the trigger, but still not able to find the way to suppress it.
Well, suppression wouldn't be the ideal solution, but unless I change my mindset, otherwise I will still be trapped.

Thank you for keep reminding me that I always think too much;
that I care too much; that I take on too much;
that I'm too used to compare to the better ones.

I don't know when will the reminders take permanent effect, yet I'm still grateful that you're still bearing with me.

I need a rest, always do, but not now.
Conquer everything I had taken on now, and I will take a break.
Keep on going, keep fighting.

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