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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Surprise surprise!

A week after my birthday, I had this big surprise dinner!
It was really unexpected, and I was so so surprised.
Had a happy day! =)

So here's how it went:


March 12th, 2011

I knew I was going to have a small birthday celebration dinner with a few of us from Serdang. Hei kept apologized to me as she said she only managed to ask Serdang gang to go, because we have limited friends.
I truly understand and I was glad enough to have them remembering my birthday. So the dinner was set at Sunway Pyramid Bubba Gump, at 7.30pm.

As I had the urge to go shopping, I asked Didi to go early with me because he was following my car. Hei wanted to come along, so around 4pm, we went Sunway Pyramid. Me and Hei bought T-shirts from Brands Outlet, 3 for RM50 as usual. I bought a dress and a blouse after the second visit to the shop again. Finally decided to waste my money. Haha. Didi was looking for his fancy prom suit too, but did not buy at last. Before dinner time, me and Didi had San Francisco Extreme Mocha for the buy 1 free 1 promotion. Hei had her cheese and ham Hot 'N Roll too. Didi said the Mocha will be my present, so I had it for free. Hehe.

Around 7pm, Bie and U-Phun came and walked with us for a while before dinner. They were finding excuse to cover up why U-Phun was there as I was not told about his attendance that night. Haha. Well, I was not suspicious about them because I thought U-Phun had an outing with Bie so they came along. Haha. Then we went to meet Utan at the main entrance before going dinner together.

While I was turning left to Bubba Gump, Hei turned right to another restaurant named Frames. She said we don't eat at Bubba Gump, need to change place. I was a little blur so just followed her. When we reached the door, I was so shocked to see so many familiar faces inside, all sitting at a long table. Freezed for a second, speechless, just feel like crying. Yea, perhaps that's what so called surprised. Haha. Then I went in and sat in the middle, still a little nervous. Trying to talk to each and everyone, wanted to know what was behind the plan. Haha.
Hei told me that: 'See, actually you got a lot friends!'. I really knew it now. The dinner was like a CHS gathering, from my different gang of friends. It was really awesome! =)

Before I proceed, allow me to list out the people in the dinner as an appreciation: Hei, Didi, Utan, Bie, Cheng Fei, U-Phun, Fei, Hua Chern, Jung Hao, Mei Mei, Yu Szen, Wai Yee, Jett Kyii, Kelly, Yau, Ming, Jeng, and Jvn Yi. Can you imagine that 19 of us occupying the whole corner side? =)

Then they presented their presents to me one by one. First of all, Cheng Fei gave a me a rose once he reached, real rose! That was my first rose ever received in my life, so touched. And I never know how to take care of it, so I just put in into a bottle filled with some water. It's still surviving at my living room now, miracle. I thought it would wither in 2 days time, but it did not. Amazing.
Next, Kelly them gave a really thick dessert recipe book! It's something like my stats textbook size. But there are a lot of mouth-watering desserts pictures inside, of course with the recipe too. I was told that the purpose they gave me this as present is to let me make desserts for them! Haha. How thoughtful of them right? I shall attempt some easier ones when I'm free. If they don't mind to be white rats. Haha.
Then Serdang gang bought me a white gold key-shaped pendant, and made me changed it on the spot. I had a key pendant from them before at my 18, and now I got a better one for my 21. Haha.
Lastly, Yau gave me his present but requested me to open when I got home. It is a dolphin ornament with light. Mommy says it's beautiful. =)

I did not order food as I was so full due to the Mocha and also too surprised I guess. Ate a little from Hei's and Kelly's plate. Haha. During the dinner, I tried to talk to each of them so no one will be left out. I think they had their own good times too, so I was happy as well. Hehe. Then I walked around to take pictures with them. Thanks for Kelly's DSLR again, always our camera provider! XD

Next come the celebration part. We sang birthday song twice, once for me, another for Jeng without his notice. It was Jeng's birthday the next day so we decided to celebrate together. So we both made wishes, blow candles and cut cake. I made the same wishes as I did when GLing celebrated for me. Haha. So I hope they all come true! =)

After the dinner, Hei, Didi and me went to the new branch of Snowflakes at Kuchai Lama. Still crowded with people although it's more spacious than SS15 one. We shared a Snowflakes Bestseller because we were quite full. Took some photos before we headed home. =)


It was really a great surprise dinner.
It was something special I ever had for my birthday.
If you know me, I always have been diminishing the specialty or importance of 21st birthday. Yet now I feel that you all made my 21st birthday really a precious and memorable one.
I wanna say thank you, thanks all of you for making me feel so important as a friend.
And special thank you to the main organizer, Hei!
I bet you had been calling and texting all day because of the dinner.
Thank you very much! I love you all!

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