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Saturday, March 05, 2011

I'm officially 21!

Okay okay I know, I'm now older
(not OLD)! Hehe.
I love number 21, yet I have this unconscious reluctance to be 21, because I'm getting further from being a teenager! Haha.
Anyway, I had a great birthday with a few celebrations. Thanks a lot people! And thanks in advance for the coming celebration next week!



So basically after PSY220 finals paper, my course mates and I went to Da Zui Ba for cheung K session. Before that we had our lunch at a Pan Mee shop named Spice and Chill Noodle House, nice nice! Then my friends bought me and Weekiat a piece of cake each, for our birthday. I know it's hard to find bakery at that area, so I'm really grateful to have that Blueberry Cheesecake from you girls. Thank you! Also, thanks for the birthday song! I'm sorry because I didn't know how to react because I seldom have this kind of celebration. Just wanna let you girls know I'm sincerely thankful for what I had that day! =)


GLing called me for meet up when I was almost home from college. Yet I was thinking she will be back to Malacca again if I not going to meet her, so we met at Jaya One around 6.30pm. With Gabriel along. Haha. We dined in at KimchiHaru, a Korean restaurant, which is cosy and neat. The price of items there was reasonable for a Korean restaurant I think, furthermore it had promotion. So I had Bibimbap! =)

GLing and Gabriel gave me a present each with a card along! I just read the card today and I laughed, thank you Lenglui and Lengzai! Haha! Thanks for the bag and also the doll! Thank you! =)

After dinner, I have got this simple and warm celebration session with them. They bought me a super duper very cute cake! Seriously very cute! I wanted to visit that shop to look for other mini cakes! Haha.
So they sang birthday songs
(softly) for me, I made 3 wishes, blew candles, and cut the cake with fork. Haha. The cheesecake was delicious even it's so mini, just right. =)

Chit-chat with them for about one hour more there. Had a good chat! And proud that the situation didn't get cold at all. Haha.
Headed home at around 8.30pm.


Skype with my dear once reached home, miss him so so much! He chat with me till Malaysia time turned 12am, and sang me a birthday song (forcefully). Hehe. Thank you dear!

Get a lot of SMS throughout the whole day since 12am. Also a few phone calls, precious ones. Especially thanks those called back from oversea and talked quite long with me - Ai, Kak and my brother! I have got the SMS from Qiqi from UK too, thank you!
Spent about an hour replying wishes in Facebook today, thank you everyone! Was told that next week I'm going to meet Heihei them for a belated celebration, looking forward to it as I have not meet them for some times already! Will definitely reserve that day for you all, no worries! =)

Oh, Bei, sorry for not able to meet up with you again last night. All the best in your life ya! We will meet when the time comes! Haha.
Take care and thank you for your multiple wishes! =)

Thank you mommy for reloading RM200 for me knowing I will be able to get birthday bonus! Also thanks my little cousin for scratching head to get me present, although it's something small but I'm definitely amused by your cuteness! Haha!


I'm now a 21 years old girl (not yet a woman). Haha.
Will try my best to keep my mental mind to be mature as 21 years old.
Will do my best for everything in life, including studies, family, friends and my love.
Thank you for the understanding and caring, everyone.
Sorry too for all the insensitivity if I ever hurt you.
I love you all!


kak said...

the cake soooooo cute!

SVoon said...

Cute righttttt?
I love it alot alot!

jyhling said...

=D =D =D I have good taste in selecting cakes, what to do!

And hahaha I can't believe I just saw this post! =) <3!

SVoon said...

But really, I pass by 'A Slice of Heaven' that day, and their cakes really so niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
And you picked a nice one! =)