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Wednesday, January 12, 2011


New semester has started, so far I've attended 3 lectures, with 2 new lecturers. I have a funny lecturer this semester, hopefully can get the elective paper he is teaching too! Haha.
Tomorrow and Friday gonna be the tough ones.
Biopsychology with our gorgeous Dr. Hera and Advanced Quantitative Methods with our beloved and be-feared Miss Winnee!
Heavy subjects, memorization and calculation plus experiment.
Ahhhhhh, I have to be prepared!
Both are 8am classes should be a good or bad thing?

Ended my semester break with Singapore trip, a rainy trip. Had good times there but not yet the best. Regret didn't buy much things!
Bugis Street
, the place where they shopped a lot, and I resisted a lot. Haha. No one brought camera, luckily Hon took quite a lot of photos with his iphone. Surprisingly we got few hundreds of photos, thanks a lot to my photographer baby! =)
The night we're back, me, Hei and Hon went Puchong to meet Ming for dinner. Bak Kut Teh and Poon Kee Tongshui! Haha. And we gave him our souvenirs for him, some cute little toys we bought from Toy Museum in Singapore. Hope he likes them! XD

After the boring class ended at 10am today, we spontaneously went Kota Damansara to cheung K! Pretty far, but the system there is good, touchscreen! Haha. Oh, Bing, Mian, Yen and I went Bulgogi BBQ for brunch before that, nice Korean cuisines! =)

The paintball game with my college mates has been postponed for several times, finally it is scheduled at next Tuesday 7am morning. Some of us have class at 11am, so after the game ends, we will be attending class with bruises most probably. Haha. Hope we will have fun! =)

Miss Tai Bei Cheng, may I know when will I meet you? =)

** The precious three months has gone half, and I do enjoyed it, hope you do so! ♥

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