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Monday, January 17, 2011

Sunday afternoon.

Had lunch at Mines which is now Capital Retail I guess, with mommy and brother. There's a list of things I wanna buy, and brother just need some shirts and pants for new year. Urged by mommy, I've got all my listed things except belt. The things I was looking for did not really suit my preferences but still acceptable, some were overpriced I think, but mommy repeated: 'If you keep thinking you will get better one, you forever won't get to buy what you want! Just buy this!'.
Yea, that's how I manage to shop a lot today. Haha.

Brother bought 2 shirts, but didn't get any nice pants. I wanted to buy a watch, but mommy asked me to pick 2 with different style, so I got options when matching with different clothes.
Ended up I bought 3 watches, because buy 2 free 1, and brother had another one too. I got 3 watches suddenly, amazing! Haha.
Purchased my face and body lotion at H2O+ as usual, and the receipt only worth to exchange for angpao packets. Haha.

Then I told mommy I found a crack on my sunglasses, but it's not noticeable. Mommy then bought me another pair of it, reddish one this time. Haha. Then I saw some colourful rings, knitted by something like bamboo or rattan. Bought a pink one. Hehe. Mommy saw a blue bag, kind of trendy and nice. Yet I saw another brown handbag, looks nicer although it is not as spacious, but still well-designed. Mommy agreed with that so she bought me the latter one. Mommy asked me to bring that for college use, I feel so wasted. Perhaps I will look for another one for school, like the one I saw in Time Square before. Hehe.

When we were home, I suddenly remember, I had a white bag similar to the blue one we saw just now. Mommy bought me that as well, but she cannot remember. Haha. Luckily I picked the brown one, if not I would have 2 similar bags now. Thanks my beloved mommy anyway! =)

Had tongshui at SweetChat before going home, because we had a RM10 voucher for it. I had tongyun in soy milk, nice nice! =)


Kak said...

Love ur mum's shopping theory..haha

SVoon said...

If you're her daughter, I'm sure you will buy more than what you did in Bugis! HAHA!

Ivy K. said...

Haha shopping with mom is always nice! :)

SVoon said...

Because there is someone who will pay for us? XD