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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Silly me.

Is it too over?

Am I?
Are we?
Dislike this feeling of, too much.

Worried once is naive, worried twice is stupid?
I thought I would not allow myself to worry about it again, I failed.
And to tell you the worry strikes me again, it's like humiliating myself, for your so called 'unnecessary'.

I thought I'm a generous and open-minded girlfriend, I thought.
I won't do such stupid thing called comparing, again, I thought.
I thought allowing memories to live is not a bad thing, because they are just memories after all.
I see myself as duplication of the memories, I see no further suddenly.
I feel myself diminishing your love, while you never doubt about it.
Snap off my silly thoughts please, if you could.

Is this love?

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